Self-launching tunnel formwork equipment Full-Round



The self-launching formwork equipment -full round- is an emptying system for circular section tunnels that allows a complete casting (in a single phase) of the tunnel section. It is possible to melt both vault and counter vault in one go and does not require a base beam or previous construction elements.
It does not need to be anchored to the work and allows the option in addition to making continuous advances, making the emptying work carried out without the need for stops between melts, so its productivity is very high.
The system consists of a shell or mold of folding metal panels and a transfer or launching car. The panels form a closed circular section that will open or move thanks to the hydraulic system of the cart.
There are two possible advance systems which are: the trolley advance system by thrown beam or the continuous advance system by trolley-crane. The thrown beam carriage allows the entire shell to be moved in one go from one cast section to the next. The trolley-crane allows continuous emptying, moving the form in several smaller sections from the rear to the front position. This system, together with the coordination of the work teams, makes it possible to achieve highly productive results in long tunnels.