Formwork for connecting galleries



We provide integral solutions for the whole of the work in the construction of tunnels, that is why we can also design and supply the formwork for the auxiliary elements of the tunnel, such as connection and evacuation galleries, encounters or niches for installations.

Formwork for connection and evacuation galleries: there are different solutions for this type of formwork (self-reactive, self-supporting, motorized, manually operated, etc.). We carry out a study based on the characteristics of the work and customer requirements to offer the best solution.

Junction formwork: it is necessary for casting the connection between gallery and tunnel. Although it has the geometry of the gallery formwork, it will be delivered together with the tunnel formwork as it will be emptied jointly.

Niche formwork: SOS formwork for niches and other tunnel elements are simple solutions for formwork that require few uses. Its emptying will be carried out together with the tunnel formwork.